Wildflowers Rule!

Labour Day has come and gone, which must mean that summer is over. But the wildflowers blooming so exuberantly in the fields around Glen Villa, my garden in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, say that isn’t so.


Joe Pye weed has taken over an unused field... and every year I thank it for doing that.
Joe Pye weed has taken over an unused field… and every year I thank it for doing moving in.


Ok, perhaps that’s wishful thinking. The Joe Pye weed that was so gorgeous a few weeks ago is faded now, and while that has its own style of beautiful, it does mean that autumn is almost here.

Many plants age well but Joe Pye could do with some help, I think.
The brown tones of Joe Pye’s seed heads are a bit depressing. Do you agree?


Other wildflowers are still going strong. Golden rod, of course.


golden rod (1 of 1)


White asters …

asters (1 of 1)


… and purple ones.


1. aster purple (1 of 1)


Queen Anne’s lace is everywhere, gorgeous in full bloom,


1. Queen Anne's lace (1 of 1)


and intriguing before it opens, when it is a curled up promise.

1. Queen Anne's lace bud (1 of 1)


I’m delighted to seeTurtlehead (Chelone glabra) return to our fields. It was growing abundantly a few years ago and then disappeared.


chelone close up (1 of 1)


But whether on their own or in mixed groups, a display of wildflowers outshines my best attempts at garden design.

1. mixed (1 of 1)


As invasive as they are, I even like Canadian thistles.


thistle (1 of 1)


Must be my prickly nature!

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