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The Lower Garden

July 19th, 2016 | 6 Comments »
It's garden visit time at Glen Villa. Last week a group from Quebec City visited the garden; this week it's a group from Ontario and the following week it's another group from Quebec. Then, on August 4, comes the big Open Garden Day when we could realistically have 500 people or more. I think all gardeners would agree -- it's satisfying when your garden looks good, or at least when it looks good enough to bring you that frisson of pleasure that tells you your work has paid off.  But when visitors


Getting Ready for Garden Visits: It’s time to panic!

July 7th, 2016 | 13 Comments »
  A week from today, this year's first group of garden visitors arrives to tour Glen Villa. The following week, two more groups arrive. And not long after that, I have the first ever Open Garden Day.   [caption id="attachment_4167" align="aligncenter" width="962"] A $20 admission fee will go to the Massawippi Foundation to support public trails that are now being built. About 10 kms of trails will open to the public in 2017. This wonderful initiative is our community foundation's way of celebrating Canada's 150th birthday.[/caption]   I am about


Open Garden Days, New Talks and Garden Tours

May 17th, 2016 | 4 Comments »
  For a year or more I've been thinking about opening the garden to the public. Last week I bit the bullet and announced  that on August 4, I'll be holding an Open Garden Day. The Open Garden Day is a fundraiser for Fondation Massawippi Foundation, a community organization that supports land conservation and special projects in the communities that border Lake Massawippi. Visitors will be asked either to join the Foundation or to make a voluntary contribution. Will there be hundreds of people or only a handful? I have no idea. But I hope there will be