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Turkeys at Christmas

December 15th, 2019 | 15 Comments »

We are preparing for the holidays at Glen Villa and waiting eagerly for family and friends to arrive. The group below came early.


We see wild turkeys from time to time but rarely in the colder months.
We see wild turkeys from time to time but rarely in the colder months.


I counted 15 of the prehistoric-looking animals munching their way through the field where the long line of crabapple trees grow.


Odd looking creatures, aren't they?
Odd looking creatures, aren’t they?


Until last week the field was covered with snow but warmer temperatures and rain (ugh!) melted it all, exposing some tasty bits for the wild turkeys to enjoy.


Do domesticated turkeys look the same? Not when they've been plucked!
Domesticated turkeys don’t look like these, particularly once they’ve been plucked.


It’s unlikely that we will have snow for Christmas this year. Climate reports say that northern areas are warming at a faster rate than tropical zones and that green Christmases may be the case from now on. I hope not. Seeing snow fall on Christmas eve is a beautiful experience.

Yesterday we decorated the wreath on the front door. It is pretty but not as nice as wreaths touched with snow, like the one below that I made in 2010.


The wreath is attached to our chimney stack.
This wreath is attached to our chimney stack. Our front door is just out of view to the left.


Over the years we’ve had wreaths and whole trees as decorations by the front door.


Attaching a small tree is easier than making a wreath.
Attaching a small tree is easier than making a wreath. This photo is from 2014.


Some years our house is knee-deep in snow.


house in winter (1 of 1)


Some years it is ready to eat.


My so-in-law is the gingerbread house maker and each year he designs it differently. Grandchildren decorated it.
My son-in-law makes the gingerbread and builds the house according to his design. Each year it is different — this one is their family’s house in Boston.  Grandchildren decorate it which probably accounts for the red star on the roof.


However you celebrate the season, whatever name you use, I hope your holiday is full of joy. May your turkey be tasty and bright!

Art in Winter

December 11th, 2017 | 18 Comments »
I woke yesterday to a fine dusting of snow, and during the day more snow fell. Today it outlines the branches of the big oak tree by our boathouse and the old crabapple trees by the drive, emphasizing the contrast between rough bark and soft fluffy white.   [caption id="attachment_5887" align="aligncenter" width="3888"] The shape of the crabapple trees becomes dramatic when outlined with snow.[/caption]   The forecast calls for more snow to come, and as confirmation, the sky is grey. But once the snow stops and the barometer rises, the sky will be a clear, bright blue