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This is a bumper year for mushrooms. On a short stretch of path in the woods, I spotted six different types. I didn’t pick any or examine them carefully, and without noting the specifics of their gills and stalks, I can’t identify them with certainty. Mushroom identification is tricky in the best of cases, and without being sure what each is, I definitely won’t eat them. But the differences in colour and shape are interesting.


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Is this one of the edible puffballs?  Maybe, maybe not.


orange cap
The intense colour of this mushroom tells me that it is most likely not edible. Note how the mushroom is emerging from its protective covering.


Orange flat top
Any mushroom with a scaly stem looks unappealing.


yellow tops with spots.
This yellow mushroom could be a fly agaric.  Notice the brownish mushroom almost hidden in the grass.


white scalloped edges
These white mushrooms develop scalloped edges as they mature. There’s another puffball on the bottom  left and some tiny orange mushrooms hidden in the leaf litter.


In another part of the woods, I spotted three more types.


A tilt of the hat to my granddaughter Vivienne who took this photo.
A tilt of the hat to my granddaughter Vivienne who took this photo.



She also captured this pink and white one.
Someone has taken a bite out of this pink-tinged one, exposing the gills.


Vivienne photographed this one, too. Strange colours... they make me think of Hallowe'en.
Vivienne photographed this one, too. The strange colours make me think of Hallowe’en.


There is one mushroom I saw that is easy to identify. And even easier to eat. Chanterelles. Yum.


The woods are full of chanterelles this year. And they are later than usual.
The woods are full of chanterelles this year. And they are later than usual.


Do you pick mushrooms? Do you eat the ones you pick?

  • How about those underground mushrooms?

    • siteandinsight

      I haven’t spotted any of those, they must be hiding underground.

  • Linda T

    Love this post! I want to pick chanterelles. Not that I know what they look like outside of the Metro….

    • siteandinsight

      Chanterelles are one of the easiest mushroom to identify. I was luck that, many years ago, someone who really knew mushrooms took me out and showed me what to look for. I haven’t picked any this year, despite there being many… I decided to give them a year off, in the hopes that next year there will be even more.

  • You certainly found a lot of different kinds. I should pay more attention to them.

    • siteandinsight

      A fascinating study, Kathy. I’ve been examining them for 15+ years and still have only a limited ability to differentiate some of them.

  • Anne Wareham

    Charles spent some time very engaged by mushrooms. So, yes, soup. And yes, twice I was quite ill! Suspicious, I thought…… Xxx

    • siteandinsight

      I was on my own the first time I cooked and ate mushrooms I’d picked. They were chanterelles, so I was confident that I would be fine. Even so, I phoned my husband to say that if I died that night, it was due to the mushrooms — and that they were so delicious that I’d died happy.

      • Anne Wareham

        And we both survived!