Hunting for Treasures

A few days ago, I started out to take a walk in the woods. First I passed snowdrops and crocus blooming along the drive.
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Most of the crocus were yellow but there were a few pale violets, whites and deep dark purples.


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Then I spotted daffodils threatening to bloom.

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I passed alongside an open farm field and saw some unwelcome visitors.


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Then I crossed the road, intending to go to one of my favourite spots. But just as I was about to enter the woods, I noticed that someone had been there before me.

Who had left this sign? And where did it direct me?

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I crossed the stream …


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… and followed the path, as directed. In the distance I spotted another sign.


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The hint told me where to go — exactly where I was planning to go, to Orin’s Sugarcamp!


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What would I find when I got there? Would I see more than the over-sized tin maple leaves that we’ve hung from the trees, as a reminder of what used to be?


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Would I find a can of maple syrup? or a nice, sweet drink?

No, what I saw was this old green drink bottle.


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But then I turned a spotted something else that was green.


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I moved in for a close-up and this is what I found!


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Who put it there and where was the treasure? I walked on along the path, spotting trees attacked  by woodpeckers.


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Was there a treasure hidden in one of those holes? Before I had a chance to look, I noticed a flash of colour in the distance. Was it another sign? I continued along the path, avoiding muddy spots, until I could make out what it was and what it said.


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I followed the hint and kept to the right, climbing a steep hill. Near the top I spotted another rock, painted purple like an Easter Egg.


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Nearby, the sign pointing me to Mythos tempted me to detour but I kept on the main path, straight ahead.

Mythos (1 of 1)


The sign nearby reassured me that I was still on the correct path.


hint 3 (1 of 1)


By now I’d walked a long way and this hint gave me a choice. Should I resign and ‘follow the Greek signs.’ Since I had installed those signs, I knew where that would take me.  But I didn’t want to give in, so I kept straight ahead.

The trail became muddier and muddier and for a long way I saw no rocks or hints. Had I made the wrong choice?

No, another painted rock confirmed that I was on the right path.


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Again I saw a sign in the distance. This one directed me to follow the stream, and I did.

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The path took me through the meadow where Joe Pye weed blooms abundantly in late summer. Now, the ground was muddy, with nothing special to see. Still, I kept to the path and as I exited into the field, I had an inkling of where this treasure hunt was taking me. When I saw the next painted stone, I knew I was right.


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Still keeping to the path, I saw the destination in front of me, at the top of the hill.


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Scraps of paper under the Big Chair told me I’d come to the right place. I searched and searched but the treasure was gone. Whoever had come before me had found it. (Congratulations, Hazel, Alistair and Kieren! and thank you for the fun, Bella, James and Melissa!)

I found a treasure of my own, though — the pleasure of walking the woods, alone on a sunny day. A precious treasure indeed, in these days.

What is giving you pleasure in these tough times?