Glen Villa in Autumn

Travelling is wonderful, but nothing beats being at Glen Villa on a perfect autumn day, when the air is clear, the sky is blue and nothing in particular has to be done.

This morning I walked around the garden, my first walk-about in three weeks. A few flowers are still blooming, like the never-say-die sedum ‘Autumn Joy.’

Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ is still going strong in mid-October.

The bergenia I planted this spring to complement the aqueduct is showing its full fall colour.

Which name do you prefer, bergenia or pigsqueak?

The peegee hydrangea that was here when we bought Glen Villa in the mid-1990s is doing its normal stuff, turning from white to cream to blush pink.

Old reliables like peegee hydrangeas: what’s not to like?

When colour fades, texture remains. This sage leaf caught my eye this morning. Tomorrow it will be stuffing the turkey.

M-m-m good.

The coneflower stopped blooming in late August but the seed heads remain, prickly against the soft green behind.

Echinacea seedheads add texture in the fall,
and stick out from the snow in winter —
if it is not too deep.

We’ve passed the prime of autumn here in the Eastern Townships. As you can see in the photo below, many of the trees have already lost their leaves.

A week ago most of these trees would have been scarlet and peach.
Too bad we missed it this year.

But not the witchhazel. It blazes out against a bright blue sky.

Hammamaelis, or witch hazel, looks like gold against the sky.

Even the plants in the planter boxes on the deck still have interest, especially for the bees.

I used curly parsley in the planter boxes this year — it looked good all summer.
I love the bright green and the texture.  I’ll use it again next year.

Autumn always contains a touch of sadness, or nostalgia for the summer that has gone.  The empty bench below, under the old maple trees, looks lonely. But aren’t the colours glorious?

This bench washed up on the beach a few years ago.
I never tried to find an owner — the bench is very simple and I fell in love with it right away.
It’s a perfect place to sit and watch the waves on the lake.
Or to rejoice in the season.

To Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving! To those who celebrate the harvest at another time, happy wishes in advance.

A long view across the lawn to a sculpture by
Louise Doucet and Satoshi Saito.