Garden Design features Tree Rings

Tree Rings, the sculpture I created to honour a maple tree at my garden Glen Villa, is featured in Garden Design Magazine’s on-line newsletter.

I’m really pleased. Why wouldn’t I be? The article is a wow!


See how laser-cut stainless steel rings pay tribute to an ancient maple destroyed by strong winds.


Regular readers may be familiar with this sculpture since I’ve written about it several times and about the process of creating it. Newer readers may be seeing it for the first time. Whichever, I hope you will celebrate along with me as this memorial to an old and honoured maple tree is presented to a larger audience.

I’m delighted that Garden Design is offering readers a chance to receive one free issue with a new subscription. This is the first time I’ve endorsed any commercial product and I thought carefully before doing this. But Garden Design Magazine is worth supporting. With high calibre articles about gardens and issues related to gardening, it’s even worth promoting.
Garden Design caught my attention with an article by Lindsay Taylor about the Reford Gardens in Métis, Québec. As someone who gardens in Quebec and who is a big fan of the Reford Gardens and its International Garden Festival, I was delighted to see this garden treasure presented to an international audience.


Each issue has pieces that capture my attention. Le Jardin Plume, one of my favourite French gardens, was featured in an issue last fall. Drought-proof gardens featured in another issue and while a shortage of water is not an issue for me at Glen Villa — we have plenty of rain in the summer months — as a responsible, ecologically-minded gardener I know that the careless use of water is a bad idea, wherever you live.

There’s more on this topic in the current on-line edition. In an excerpt from her new book The Water-Saving Garden Pam Penick writes about creating the illusion of water by using plants. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

So, thank you Garden Design, for great articles. And thank you for such a great piece about Tree Rings.

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