Following my Tree

I was hoping that on this, my second ‘follow a tree’ post, the Corylus avellana ‘Red Majestic’ would have shed its winter coat.  After all, the first week of April is over. But that hasn’t happened. Along with all the individuals I met up with, wandering around Montreal last week, (and wrote about here) his Majesty is still wearing his robes. Unlike those tidy city dwellers, however, he is looking quite disheveled.

I promise, there is a tree hidden under the burlap.
And ground under the snow. 

There are promising signs. Like these growths, so tiny I can scarcely call them buds. But that’s what they are.

A sure sign that at least some of the branches are alive.

The branches of the Corylus avellana are doing exactly what they should do, writhing, snake-like, trying to escape the confines of their winter tent.

Next month, there will be some leaves. I hope.