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Crabapples in Bloom!

The crabapple allée is in full bloom and boy, is it gorgeous! The long line of trees are stunning whether you look from the side …

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straight down the middle …

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or up close.

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Last week my friend Tim Doherty came over with his drone camera to give a different point of view.  He launched the camera from a flat piece of cardboard he put on the ground.


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He controlled its speed and direction from his computer,

If you look closely you can see the allée on the computer screen.
If you look closely you can see the allée on the computer screen.

sending it up for a sideways view of the long line of white.

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Centred on the allée, he began to send it up.


He sent it higher….




and higher….



and higher.




Up in the air he made it twist and spin, shooting video that I’ll post another time. He sent it off to the side to show the pink crabapples that mark each end of the allée …




then along to the end near the road.

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Looking back, the camera spotted something white at the end of the line of trees.

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But before we could get a closer look, Tim brought the drone down for a landing.


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What is that bit of white at the end? For a closer look, tune in next week. Or better still, come and visit the garden on July 20 when we open to the public as a fundraiser for the Massawippi Foundation and Conservation Trust.

You can buy your ticket for a morning or afternoon visit by clicking here.

I hope to see you on then.

  • Judy H

    How cool is that! The alley is stunning – and going to be amazing as it matures. Such fun to have views from above.

    • siteandinsight

      I agree, the views from above are amazing.

  • Pam/Digging

    A new perspective of a beautiful feature. I look forward to seeing your next posts. penick.net

    • siteandinsight

      We caught the trees at close to their peak, thank goodness. Next posts coming soon…

  • It’s June here and the peonies are coming along nicely! Crab allée is really outstanding!!!

    • siteandinsight

      Peonies coming along here, but not so nicely… temperature today dropped to 12C. This is not good. It’s June!

  • David Webster

    Gooday from WA,
    Tell Shaq that the lawn around Lilac cottage needs a mow cause i’m not there to do it for him like usual!
    Garden looking good and i want to come back at Christmas.
    David(your grandson in WA)

    • siteandinsight

      I will let Jacques know that you are ready to mow. Can’t wait to see you, Elinor and Elizabeth (plus your mum of course!) whenever you get here. Lots of love.

  • Lisa Wagner

    What an impressive sight! Perhaps I can make it for your July 20th fundraiser/open house. I’m sure it will be amazing.

    • siteandinsight

      That would be terrific, Lisa. I hope it works for you.

  • It shows all the planting was positioned well; not a tree out of line!

    • siteandinsight

      Getting that line straight was a real job. Plus making sure the spacing between trees was even. I’m thrilled that we managed it!

  • Wow, on every level. Good weather and good luck with the open house!

    • siteandinsight

      Thanks, Helen. Fingers crossed for good weather.

  • annewareham

    Fabulous and a brilliant change from snow! XXx

    • siteandinsight


  • Just imagine when they get to full size.

    • siteandinsight

      It’s hard to believe that every year the trees will be more impressive… but true. Each spring will be a wonder.