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Advice I’m Giving Myself

February 24th, 2020 | 7 Comments »
After a month-long break from blogging, I'm back writing and thinking about my garden goals for 2020. And I'm giving myself some stern advice. Don't try to do too much! Was I crazy to set myself six big goals for 2020? Clearly the answer is yes. Already I can see that completing two of those goals is next to impossible. I know I won't be fencing in the Lower Garden and I doubt I will do much to extend Timelines, the trail that explores questions about memory, identity and our relationship to the


Turkeys at Christmas

December 15th, 2019 | 15 Comments »
We are preparing for the holidays at Glen Villa and waiting eagerly for family and friends to arrive. The group below came early.   [caption id="attachment_8384" align="alignleft" width="1600"] We see wild turkeys from time to time but rarely in the colder months.[/caption]   I counted 15 of the prehistoric-looking animals munching their way through the field where the long line of crabapple trees grow.   [caption id="attachment_8385" align="alignleft" width="1600"] Odd looking creatures, aren't they?[/caption]   Until last week the field was covered with snow but warmer temperatures and rain (ugh!)


Buried Treasures

November 19th, 2019 | 12 Comments »
Slowly the wall that used to hold up the old Glen Villa Inn is beginning to look like a wall again.     As exciting as the re-building are the treasures we discovered when the wall came down. We found glass bottles of all sorts, clear and coloured, broken and unbroken.     Some of the bits of glass were plain, some more decorative.     A clear glass jar with nicely interlocking circles saying Ripans tabules came from Ripans Chemical Company, New York. Thanks to an on-line search and information from The Toadstool


A Bench with a View

September 29th, 2019 | 10 Comments »
Last week's blog prompted so many responses that I'm writing about benches again. Kathy Purdy, a friend, regular reader and blogger extraordinaire (you can read her blog here) made the excellent comment that the view from a bench is as important as -- more important than? -- the design itself. I also have photos of many interesting bench designs that I didn't include last week. So location as well as design is the focus for this post. I've positioned benches at Glen Villa with the view very much in mind.  A Victorian-style


The Right Bench in the Right Place

September 22nd, 2019 | 11 Comments »
Garden benches come in all sizes and shapes. Some are strictly utilitarian, some decorative, and some add meaning to the garden through their design. The simple utilitarian version of a bench is a familiar sight, whether with a back ... [caption id="attachment_8053" align="alignleft" width="3696"] This bench from a garden in Newfoundland invites you to sit down and admire the pond and the plants around it.[/caption]   ... or without.   [caption id="attachment_8056" align="alignleft" width="3888"] This bench is stylish even though simple in the extreme, thanks to the chunky legs and squared



August 11th, 2019 | 14 Comments »
Fences come in all shapes and sizes, yet in one way or another they all serve the same purpose: to separate one area from another. At Glen Villa, my garden in Quebec, the oldest fence separates a former farm field from a driveway.   [caption id="attachment_7852" align="alignleft" width="1024"] It's obvious from the way the tree has grown around it that this barbed wire fence was put up a long time ago.[/caption]   An equally practical but more decorative fence is the one I designed to protect shrubs from the deer that


Paths with Pizazz

August 4th, 2019 | 4 Comments »
Many garden paths are ordinary, designed simply to get you from one place in the garden to another. Grass paths, the simplest and least costly type of path to make, appear in gardens so routinely that they almost disappear. Occasionally, though, you'll see a path that stands out. The grass path below is an example. It is well maintained and nicely curved but what lifts it out of the ordinary is the white line that edges it. That line draws your eye along the curve and makes the path itself impossible to ignore.


Introducing Mr. Albert Stumpson

July 3rd, 2019 | 6 Comments »
For many years a pine tree towered over an old house where a tenant farmer once lived.   [caption id="attachment_6230" align="alignleft" width="4000"] You can see the tall pine tree behind the house in this photo from 2009.[/caption]   In search of the sun, it gradually leaned farther and farther away from the house. Until one day, it fell.   [caption id="attachment_6221" align="alignleft" width="4316"] The screened porch on the farmhouse is the perfect place to sit on a summer's evening.[/caption]   When the branches were removed, my son-in-law noticed that the


Canada Geese Go Home!

June 23rd, 2019 | 15 Comments »
Canada geese are gorgeous birds to look at. But why, oh why, do I have to see them here at Glen Villa? Towards the end of May I saw two adults swimming with their little ones. How many babies were there?   [caption id="attachment_7636" align="alignleft" width="1790"] Talk about getting all your ducks in a row....or your geese in this case.[/caption]   The goslings swam in and out of sight, and each time I counted I got a different number. But I could see there were a lot of them. The next


Open Garden Day Tickets on Sale!

May 20th, 2019 | No Comments »
Saturday, July 20 is the day and you are invited!   Come and explore the wonders of the garden and landscape when Glen Villa opens to the public as a fundraiser for the Massawippi Foundation and Conservation Trust. All proceeds from your admission fee go to support land conservation, community projects and a network of trails that lead through pristine woodlands, preserved in perpetuity by the Conservation Trust. Buy your tickets now for a morning or afternoon visit!