You are Invited! July 20, 2019

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On Saturday, July 20, you are invited to visit Glen Villa — to explore the gardens, fields and forests and to help support an important community cause.

Visit the China Terrace, where an old resort hotel has been delightfully re-imagined.


china terrace


Enjoy the rich assortment of wild life that lives at the Skating Pond.


insect (1 of 1)


Walk alongside the Aqueduct and take in the fragrance of flowers that bloom in abundance.


aqueduct (1 of 1)


Admire the sculptures and art installations that enrich the landscape.


Bridge Ascending, 2011, by Doucet-Saito
Bridge Ascending, 2011, by Doucet-Saito


Explore trails that lead into the woods.


This is the Sundial Clearing. The shadow of a dead pine tree marks the hours of the day.


AND, for the first time, walk the Timelines Trail. This extension to the garden takes you into fields and forests where intriguing elements add a special touch to the landscape.

To whet your interest, here are a few of the things you will see along the way.

The Crabapple Allée …


untitled (3 of 7)


… these tall corrugated tin columns and their surprising finale …


Columns of corrugated in mark a path through a field. The contemporary material connects today's world to ancient Greece.


… this unusual directional sign …


2 roads (1 of 1)


… and the musical evocation of the past at Orin’s Sugarcamp.


Surrounding Orin's Sugarcamp are maple leaves made of tin, suspended from trees. They sway and tinkle in the wind, creating a magical environment.


This Open Garden Day, the first since 2017, is a fundraiser for Fondation Massawippi Foundation and the Massawippi Conservation Trust, so not only will you have the chance to visit the garden, you will be helping to protect sensitive, undeveloped woodlands and support community activities in and around Lake Massawippi.

Every dollar raised at this year’s Open Garden Day will go towards continuing this important work.

In the eight years since they were established, the twin sister organizations have protected 1000 acres of pristine forest in perpetuity and are now working to preserve more. They  have built trails giving safe access to these biologically significant properties and have supported community activities in the communities, large and small, that surround the lake.


open day.001


In the weeks ahead, I’ll post more information about the Open Garden Day and how you can book tickets for this special event. So keep in touch, at














Plus ça change…

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This winter feels interminable. Surely in earlier years daffodils have been blooming by now, snowdrops long gone. Well, no. It's true that in some years snowdrops have appeared by this date.   [caption id="attachment_7384" align="aligncenter" width="1353"] These snowdrops were shivering in the cold on April 1, 2016.[/caption]   Crocus have bloomed.   [caption id="attachment_7387" align="aligncenter" width="3648"] These crocus were lighting up the hillside on April 4, 2010.[/caption]   Pulmonaria have added their touch of colour.   [caption id="attachment_7394" align="aligncenter" width="2384"] This pulmonaria or lungwort was blooming on April 4, 2010.[/caption]