Hallowe’en in the woods

October 30th, 2014 | 3 Comments »

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If you go down in the woods today,you’re sure of a big surprise.

I went down in the woods — and was I surprised! There were no teddy bears and no signs of a picnic, but I did see some strange creatures. I saw a head, a dark face with twisted features.

Hallowe'en head
His ferny hair makes him look like Caligula — a truly scary man.

As I watched, a body began to emerge from the ground.  I didn’t wait around to see what would happen next.

Hallowe'en head flat
No wonder he’s grimacing. It’s hard work unearthing yourself.

Father along the path, another creature appeared. At first I saw his head and shoulders only.

Another Roman Emperor, or the bust of one.
Another Roman Emperor, or the bust of one.


But as I watched, two eyes appeared.

I wonder if his yellow eyes glow in the dark.
I wonder if his yellow eyes glow in the dark.


I blinked. Was this really happening?

He opened his eyes, I closed mine, afraid to look. And when I did, he’d grown two arms and a leg.  Beside him, a piece of wood twitched. Was it becoming a second leg?

What's happening? His eyes have changed!
What’s happening? His eyes have changed.


I left before I could find out. Maybe he was friendly, maybe not.  All I know is, when I came back, someone had taken a bite out of a tree nearby.

Whoever took a bite out of this tree was TALL.
Whoever took a bite out of this tree had a big mouth.



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Talk about à propos. Recently I came across the words below, written by the great British landscape architect and designer, Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe. They struck a chord -- a loud chord in a major key. The past is now pointing me to a soon-to-be present, with a new website and blog combined. For those of you who receive posts automatically through email, don't worry. The system will continue to work... or so I'm told. If you have difficulties, you can contact me (as of Friday Oct 12) at [email protected] At Glen